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Maternal Fetal Medicine

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Rotation


The resident ultrasound curriculums have been moved to Moodle , under HSC Obstetrics & Gynecology

 If you do not already have a Moodle account, please make a new account, and let Dr.Taber know so she can add you to your curriculum as a participant .  


Online Courses





Objectives HO1

Objectives HO2

Objectives HO3

Objectives HO4


Resident Ultrasound Curiculum


Objectives PGY1

Objectives PGY2

Objectives PGY3




Assigned readings and supportive texts will be taken from the ebooks available at UNM library.


     1. Williams Obstetrics – 24th Edition

     2. Creasy and Resnik’s: Maternal-Fetal Medicine Principles of Practice – 7th Edition


Ultrasound Requirements


  • Residents must perform 300 exams over their 4 years of residency.
  • They must document the MR# and the type of exam.
  • Those who have completed these scans and fulfilled the requirements of their ultrasound rotation will receive a certificate when they graduate.


Yearly MFM Awards


  • A resident at every level will receive an award for “Best Performance on the MFM Rotation” (PGY 1, PGY 2, PGY 3, PGY 4)
  • There will be an award given yearly to the resident who has done a presentation, paper, or project while on their MFM Rotation (any PGY level) – The ”Outstanding Achievement on MFM”


MFM Didactics for Resident



  • 8:00
    • Weekly presentations at morning rounds (20 minutes) on a chosen MFM topic with a handout to be rotated among PGY 1, PGY 2, and PGY 3.
    • PGY4 must choose an ACOG Guideline or Practice Bulletin to review once a month.


  • 8:00
    • “In and Out” Conference: Labor and Delivery Conference Room with Neonatology to review neonatal outcomes and inform NICU of upcoming special OB Patients.


  • 8:15
    • “Special OB” Conference to review the patients followed by MFM Division (fetal anomalies and IUGR)


  • 12:00-1:00
    • MFM Fellow Presentations
  • 1:00-4:00
    • Ultrasound Conference (lectures and case presentations)


  • 8:00-9:00
    • Grand Rounds
  • 9:00-12:00
    • Resident School


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