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Neonatal Death

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Neonatal H&P and Death Note

  • If signs of life are present at delivery, a MRN for the neonate is created.  Thus, a neonatal H&P is required and should be completed by L&D providers.  
    • If neonate is transferred to NICU, pediatric providers are responsible for completing neonatal H&P, death note and discharge summary. 
  • A death note must also be entered into this chart under the neonate MRN if time of death is pronounced on L&D (typically, when this occurs within the first hour of life).  The death note must contain:  gestational age, time of death and who pronounced death, relevant physical exam findings (no heartbeat, no respiratory effort, gross abnormalities etc).
  • The discharge summary under neonatal MRN needs to be a separate document, however the H&P and death note can be tagged for creation of this document. 


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